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We are pleased to be offering exceptional quality split wheel combat rims, made in South America. The best wheel rim on the market in the UK at the moment, and ready to fit to your GPW or MB jeep. Finished in black lacquer, ready to paint. We fit these to all of our own vehicles […]

1959 M201 Hotchkiss, French contract Jeep, chassis # 08561. In excellent working order and drives beautifully. This is a jeep which has clearly been looked after – and we have helped the customer by servicing it over the last few years too. The Jeep includes a full set of canvas, a hood and an axe […]

One day they’ll be none left to find. Make sure you’re next on the list to get your hands on a piece of history like no other. A vehicle which saw arguably the most important battle of our times – and won. Beautiful restorations handcrafted back to original factory standard in the heart of Surrey, […]

A few months ago we read that a Jeep gifted to General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander and future President of the United States, was to be auctioned by auction house Cheffins in July 2020 with an estimate of £200,000. Sadly the Jeep had only one £50,000 bid and was swiftly marked as unsold. […]

Stephen A Carr says : “Wifey and I also did a photoshoot tour around our local area a couple of weeks ago, just for the fun of driving and enjoying the evening Sun. You never really need an excuse to take a Jeep for a ride, but still looking forwards to the shows returning!”

Today marks 80 years since the beginning of the Battle of Britain in 1940. One of our customers has kindly recommended Gun Button to Fire: A Hurricane Pilot’s Dramatic Story of the Battle of Britain – The amazing story of one of ‘the Few’, fighter ace Tom ‘Ginger’ Neil, who shot down 14 enemy aircraft […]

Believe it or not – thats exactly what we have. British made, English in fact. Our supplier is exclusively making front Ford and Willy’s bumpers and rear cross members, of exceptional quality, as you’d expect from us. Front bumper, Ford GPW – A1117F – Slightly radius ended, as per original spec, Ford F stamped. BUY […]

One of Cliffs jeeps from his own collection went to it’s new owner today, so we are saying farewell to a much loved Jeep! The Willenhall Coachcraft Woodie Jeep was built from an MB in 1947 for the Earl of Shrewsbury as a shooting break, to use on his country estate. The jeep was sold […]

Universal Jeep Supplies is REOPENING after lock down to customers on 15th June 2020! We are delighted to announce we are reopening to serve you in person, at a 2m distance, at Marsh Farm. For the moment you can come and collect pre-paid parts at the gate, or order online and we will send DHL […]

“Our day on the beach, is only possible because of their day on the beach” Lest we forget, those lost 76 years ago. #dday76 Sadly we cant meet in France to commemorate the 76 years, but we will meet again hopefully for D-day 80. Keep up to date with where we’ll be on Facebook